Garrison Transmog Sets

Garrison Transmog Guide

Warlords of Draenor features many new transmog outfits available from your Garrison. Here's a quick run-down of the sets and how to get them.


Shadowmoon Regalia - Cloth

Thunderlord Garb - Leather

Warsong Armor - Mail

Blackrock Plate

This collection of outfits are obtained from a Dwarven Bunker (War Mill for Horde). They only require a level 2 building, but take a bit of farming to be able to purchase them. The chest, gloves and boots are purchased with Iron Horde Scraps, which drop from any Iron Horde mob on Draenor. The helm, shoulders, and belt require a Battered Iron Horde Helmet, Crusted Iron Horde Pauldrons, or a Ravaged Iron Horde Belt in addition to the scraps. These three items drop from dungeon bosses on either Normal or Heroic. The set pieces are Bind to Account and are restricted by armor class.

These two sets are also purchased with the Iron Horde Scraps and the three required pieces for helm, shoulders and belt. These sets have no armor restrictions and are Bind to Account.


Heart Lesion Battleplate - Death Knight

Springrain Armor - Druid

Trailseeker Armor - Hunter

Mountainsage Regalia - Mage

Mistdancer Armor - Monk

Sunsoul Battleplate - Paladin

Communal Regalia - Priest

Lightdrinker Armor - Rogue

Streamtalker Armor - Shaman

Felsoul Regalia - Warlock

Oathsworn Battleplate - Warrior

These sets can be obtained from Salvage crates from completing missions with a level 3 Salvage Yard. These sets also come equipped on level 90 "Boosted" characters. These sets are bound to your character, and class specific, meaning as a priest, you will only get the priest pieces from your salvage crates. While the items that come on a boosted character are ilevel 483 greens, the salvage yard pieces are ilevel 610 blues.

The shoulders that come with the hunter and monk sets (gloves for monks too) are "invisible", however they cannot be used for transmog purposes.


The Trading Post offers one transmog set for Alliance Only. This set requires a level 2 building and revered standing with the Sha'tari Defense. Rep for this faction is only available with the Trading Post, and gained from killing mobs in Shattrath city. This set is plate and is Bind on Pickup.

Horde Trading Posts open up the Laughing Skull Orcs faction, who have 3 Laughing Skull Cosmetic Helms for purchase at revered.