Dungeon Transmog Guide - Razorfen

Check out our gallery of unique transmog pieces from Razorfen Downs and Razorfen Kraul.


Deathmage Sash

This belt, dropped by Mordresh Fire Eye in RFD is a unique model and color scheme. It doesn't belong to any official transmog set, although it goes well with the Twilight Trappings, a set of white items dropped in Silithus.

Death Speaker Robes

This robe is dropped by Death Speaker Jargba in RFK. It shares the same model as several low-level robes, including Seer's Robe, but the black color is unique to this item.


This hood is one of several colors of this model. The grey color is unique to this item. Dropped by Trash Mobs in RFD.



These gloves are dropped by Amnennar the Coldbringer in RFD. They are a completely unique model, and would be great for any monk/ninja mog.

Ferine Leggings

These mean, green leggings drop from Agathelos the Raging in RFK. You can also get them out of the Tribute Chest in Dire Maul North, but they may be easier to farm from Razorfen in it's current form.

Wolfclaw Gloves

These gloves are part of the Infiltrator Garb set, but the only slim model of the glove. Dropped by trash mobs in RFK.

Fleshhide Shoulders

These shoulders, dropped by Glutton in RFD aren't the most attractive pair, but they are unique!


Avenger's Armor

This BOE chestpiece drops from trash mobs in RFK, with about a 0.02% drop rate. It shares model and color with the Double Link tunic, which is a BOE world drop with an even lower rate. If you're interested in this for transmog, or selling later, I do suggest spamming RFK now!


Carapace of Tuten'kash

This is a sleeveless model of the Tyrant's Chestpiece. The fairly high drop-rate (28%) and Tuten'kash being the first boss in RFD make this item much easier to farm, and a good alternative to finish out the Tyrant's Plate set.

Stormgale Fists

This glove model is a plate version of a mail glove. They do not belong to any official Transmog set, and are dropped by Trash Mobs in RFD.



This two-hand axe shares it's model with four other weapons, but this is the only one that is pink. It's slightly rustic, but it is pink! Dropped by Trash Mobs in RFD.


This is a rather plain two-hand sword, and it shares a model with four others, but what a cool name! Dropped by Ragglesnout in RFD.